Admin- Settings

User Data

Additional Fields

Admins can collect additional user data by utilizing custom fields in the User Details tab. 

You can add custom fields, for example: phone number, by typing the name of the custom field into the text field under "Name." If the field will be required for all users entered into the system, check the "Required" box. Hit "Save" to add this field to your platform. You can add up to 5 custom fields. 

Now that your custom field has been created, you will be able to add user data to this additional field when adding, inviting, or editing a user and when using a registration page. Data collected from the additional fields will appear in the user's profile and in all of the reporting and user excel exports.



Registration pages are useful if you have a large number of people that you need to register to your platform. You can create a hyperlink that will lead your clients to a registration page. After they have filled out the required fields, a username and password will be created and they will automatically be logged into your platform with access to the correct media. Registration pages are perfect to utilize for a large event or an enterprise client with many users.

To create a registration page, click the "enable user registration link" box. Select your office (see the Offices Settings article), URL, media group (see the Media Group Settings article), custom fields and add custom copy. If a custom field is marked as required, then it will automatically be added to your registration page. The additional data will be stored in the Users tab. Click the save button at the bottom of the page to create the registration link.

You can view your registration page by logging out of your platform and using the link created. If you are logged in to the platform, you will not be able to view the registration link.

This article last reviewed June, 2016. The software may have changed since the last review.