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Office Settings

Creating Offices

If you want categorize your users and delegate platform management, the office admin feature is perfect for you. Giving a user office admin permissions allows them to view reporting, users, and assignments for users in their office.



To create a new office, first choose the enterprise from the drop down at the top. If you only have one enterprise you will not see a drop down.



Type in the name of the enterprise, an abbreviation (the system will create one if you do not), the number of days the users in this office will expire in if applicable (this is optional), and the number of users allowed in the office (this is optional). Setting an office cap is useful if you sold a specific number of licenses to this office. If you are using a registration (see our General Settings article) link to add people to this office, if will prevent extra users from registering.

When you have filled out these fields click the blue "Add New" button to create your office. You can edit your office at any time by clicking on the edit icon next to the office name.

Multi-Office Admins: If you need an office admin to see reporting data on more than one office, click the "On" toggle to enable multi-office admin capabilities. Once this toggle is turned on it cannot be turned off.


Assigning Office Users

To assign users to an office and to assign users to have office admin permissions, navigate to the users tab in the Admin Page.


Select the edit button to the right of the user you want to assign to an office or give office admin permission to. In the office field choose the office you want to assign the user to. If the user will not have office admin permissions, you can click the red "Update" button to assign the user to this office.

If you want to give this user office admin permissions, in the role field choose "Office Admin" . You can choose to give the office admin access to users and enrollments, but they are required to have access to reports. Click on the red "Update" button to save these permissions.

This article last reviewed June, 2016. The software may have changed since the last review.