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Module Batch Editor and Filters

After you upload your content, the Rockstar Learning platform gives you easy access to search and edit your media.



The module batch editor allows you to edit the presenters, tags, and learner groups on up to 25 modules at a time. This feature comes in handy when you need to make large scale changes to your content.

To batch edit your modules, click on the yellow "Module Batch Editing" button. A "Select All" check box will appear as well as check marks next to each of the module in your module list. You can choose to select all of your modules to edit or only a few from the list.

After you have chosen the module you want to edit, click on the red "Edit Selected Items" button. This will bring up a pop up where you can choose what information you want to edit for these modules.

Click the "modify the data" check box on the items you wish to edit. You can change the presenters, tags, and learner groups. For each field that you have chosen to modify, the data will be replaced, not added on to.

Click the "Update" button when you are ready to publish your changes.

A progress bar will appear indicating when all of your modules have been updated.



To easily find content in your modules list you can use the filters and sort drop downs.



The "Filters" drop down will allow you to filter your media by status, type, and learner group. You can hit the reset button to remove the filters.


The "Sort" drop down will allow you to filter your media alphabetically or by the most recently uploaded.

This article last reviewed June, 2016. The software may have changed since the last review.