Lectora Desktop version 21 Release Notes

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Drawing upon thousands of documented use cases from the eLearning Brothers Customer Success team and Lectora’s product team, a new authoring methodology, called rapid Modular Development (ModDev), evolved and it provides the foundation for Lectora 21.


These Modular Development tools, which dramatically reduce time, save money, and extend resources with repeatable, scalable processes include:

  • Ready-made instructional design frameworks
  • Mobile-ready themes & style packs
  • Interactive wireframe templates
  • New library of templatized interactions

With these new ModDev elements, instructional designers can customize and brand once, and blast their branded modular templates across a global organization for consistent, professional results.

Lectora Updates:

Lectora 21.0.3 October 6,2021

Lectora 21.0.2 July 1, 2021

Lectora 21.0.1


Lectora 21

Released on:  May 18, 2021

Version: Lectora 21 (12275)

Supported Browsers:   

Published content is cross-platform compatible with any recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge. 

MailTo is back!
New action mailto allows courses to initiate user sent email messages

New Features:

New naming convention
Titles are now called Projects to highlight the versatility of Lectora.

Ready-made instructional design frameworks
Cut your course development time in half with ready-made instructional design frameworks.

Mobile-Ready Themes & Style Packs
Customize once. Blast it across your organization for scalable, effective eLearning.

Interactive Wireframe Templates
Dive into a new library of templatized interactions—ready to drop into your course!

Automated Button States
Excite Learners with Custom Button States
Apply an automated visited and selected state for buttons
Use button states in conditionals for actions
Set the button initial state to any Custom State
Disable over and down states

New Interactivity
Trigger actions when an object is scrolled into or out of view
The modify variable action will update text blocks that contain VAR() references
New action SetQuestion to reset or set the correct answer on a question
New action GetTime to get and store the current time for a media object

Media Player
Disable the ability for students to seek ahead in an audio/video
Updated media player allows students to change the playback speed.

Responsive Course Design
Different views can now have different guides. Guides are saved by view.

Accessibility Updates:

  • Custom button states are announced by the screen reader
  • Improved screen reader announcement of buttons and shapes
  • Removed the frame title that was read as Lectora Player or Title Manager Frame
  • Page Preview works with accessible titles and generates ALT tag text
  • Alt tag is initially set Empty when adding images and shapes in an accessible project
  • Enable/disable audio Closed Caption background and change the background color
  • Text blocks no longer include an empty hyperlink
  • Authors can choose to use lightbox per page in accessible projects
  • Fixed: Placement of HTML text headers (H1, H2, etc.) will not shift after publishing

Improvements for your published courses:

  • The former Tap/Click screen for media is now a Play button (use publish strings to set an aria-label)
  • xAPI Context Parent and Group Improvements for better reporting
  • Button text spacing on one or two lines is now retained after publish
  • The student is warned if they are leaving the course without clicking close. This prevents data loss by mobile swipes accidentally reloading or closing the browser window to ensure data is saved. 
  • Margins/indents now preserved with Change contents action for a Text Block 
  • Reset Question resets the maximum drops per zone for Drag Drop Questions
  • Hyperlinks are now enabled in the publish for offline exe
  • “Fit content to width” publishing option no longer leaves white space on the right side of the content
  • Fixed: Error in reporting Rank/Sequence question when set to grade each choice

Usability Improvements:

  • Authors can now add a description for a user variable in Variable Manager
  • Colors can now be set with HEX codes
  • Custom colors can be exported and imported
  • Added ACE code editor for JavaScipt actions and External HTML objects
  • Create and use pronunciation definitions (Lexicons) for Text To Speech
  • Images now have right-click "Convert to Button"
  • Preview inheritance changes before applying 
  • The recent projects list can be cleared on the file tab
  • Fixed: audio now stays in sync with video after making edits in the video editor
  • The Timeline can be set to a specific position before entering run mode
  • The Timeline pane can be hidden 
  • The Timeline runs during run mode and resets when going to edit mode
  • Transparent buttons display blue in edit mode
  • Scrollbars are no longer seen in run mode when off-page objects are present
  • Guides, Rulers, and Snap-to are enabled by default
  • A new Object Search Dialog was added on the Project Explorer
  • CSS files as HTML Extensions can be edited inside Lectora

Lectora 21.0.1 

Released on:  June 4, 2021

Version: Lectora 21.0.1 (12280)

This update includes:
Fixed: Standard Title will now preview or publish without RCD selected
Fixed: Apostrophe in a page name will not cause blank page in Run/Preview mode
Several icon and UI updates to reflect brand refresh
and more

Lectora 21.0.2 

Released on:  July 1, 2021

Version: Lectora 21.0.2 (12286)

This update includes:

Fixed: Error recognizing project version
Fixed: YouTube edit and preview crash
Fixed: Icon updates in ribbon to indicate inherit status

Lectora 21.0.3 

Released on:  October 6, 2021

Version: Lectora 21.0.3 (12306)

This update includes:

Enhanced closed caption controls for audio. Improved background color management for audio closed captions and a new setting, "Display Caption Box", to adjust controller height when CC is turned off. (LD-7148, LD-7826)


LD-7854 Button state improvements when using Library objects
LD-7867 Button state improvements when using Seamless Publish
LD-7873 Button text improvements for automatic line wrapping
LD-7878 Button tracking improvements

PowerPoint support
LD-7858 PowerPoint files with m4a audio files are now supported.

Text items
LD-7862 Bullet points from previous content are now displaying correctly
LD-7895 Initially hidden text blocks with Hide from Screen Reader will honor setting when shown

LD-7866 Autoplay improvements for ipad or iphone (mobile device)
LD-7850 Autoplay improvements for Chrome

Mobile device support
LD-7881, LD-7888 Mobile device improvements for scaling, positioning, and media player controls.
LD-7882 Mobile device improvements for autorotation display

LD-7834 Improvements for xAPI specifications