Advanced Reports

Update CourseMill Advanced Report License

Apply CourseMill Enterprise Advanced Reports License


To update the CourseMill license, you must log directly into Advanced Reports as an Advanced Reports administrator. 

Before starting, you will require: 

  • CourseMill Advanced reports URL
  • Administrative Credentials for both CourseMill and for Advanced reports
  • Informer License File

Determine the Advanced Reports URL

  1. Login to CourseMill using your CourseMill Administrative credentials.
  2. Launch Advanced reports from the left navigation bar.
  3. Copy and save the URL from the browser address bar, for example:
  4. Edit the URL to remove everything to the right of Advanced Reports in the URL, which results in the Advanced Reports URL:

Advanced Reports Administrative Credentials

Please consult your desk procedures or IT group for the Advanced Reports administrator UserID and Password

Note: Administrative credentials for Advanced Reports are separate and different then your CourseMill administrative credentials. Advanced Report credentials are created at the time of Advanced Reports installation. 

If you determine that you do not have this information, eLearningBrothers can help you reset userID and password, but this is only advised after all other retrieval attempts are explored, and requires approval from your systems administrator or the registered owner of record for your Advanced Reports instance.

Informer License File

eLearningBrothers will provide you with the Informer license file specific to your installation, software version, and activated for a designated period of time.

Apply Updated License to Advanced Reports 

  1. Paste the Advanced Reports URL into the browser address bar.
  2. Login to Advanced Reports with your Advanced Reports administrative credentials.

  3. Choose the ADMIN tab from the upper right corner of the Advanced Reports display.
  4. Select Systems Settings, and click on Registration

  5. Click the Update license icon.
  6. Click Browse and locate and select the license file.

  7. Click the Install button to install the license.
  8. Verify the expiration date and licensed features.
  9. Sign out of Advanced Reports

    This article last reviewed Jan, 2019. The software may have changed since the last review.