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How to Integrate the Training Arcade with the Rockstar Learning Platform

Integrating the Rockstar Learning Platform with the Training Arcade.

October 19, 2021


Training Arcade Meets Rockstar Learning Platform 

Note: The Training Arcade is a premium addition to the Rockstar Learning Platform and to integrate the Training Arcade, you must have a paid subscription through The Game Agency

Step 1: Log in To Rockstar Learning Platform

Navigate to the Settings tab on the Admin page of the Rockstar Learning Platform.  


Step 2: Integration Page

Select the Integrations tab within Settings. Then select The Game Agency (TGA) from the available list. Confirm by selecting The Game Agency button under “Integrate with”.  



Step 3: Open Game Agency Account

Log in to your Game Agency account. Select the user icon then select Account from the dropdown.



Step 4: Get API Key and Domain

Select the API tab to find the API key. Your domain appears near your account icon. 


Step 5: Integrate Platforms

Paste your Game Agency domain and the API key in their fields. Select the Integrate button to complete the integration. 


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