Users Page

Home Page

The home page of Knowledgelink is where all your users will be brought to once they login to the platform.


Featured and Enrolled: Users will be directed to the "Featured" tab unless they are enrolled in courses, then they will land on the "Enrolled" tab. To learn more about enrollments view the Account Settings article.

The Featured tab is controlled by the site admin and can display different courses and sessions based on media group. To learn more about setting up the featured tab view the Featured Items Settings article.


Saved: A user can save a course or session that they want to easily access.

A user can save a course by clicking on the "Add to Saved" button in the course description.

A user can save a session by clicking on the heart icon on the session player page.


Boards: Boards allow users to create a collection of sessions from different courses and share them with other users in their office or enterprise. To use boards you must first activate them in the settings ->  tab.



To understand how to share Boards between different users, we have to look at the enterprise, office, and media groups the user is assigned to. 

Let’s start with user role:

- Full Platform Admins can share a board with anyone in the system, regardless of assigned office or enterprise.
- Enterprise Admins can share a board with users assigned to their enterprise.
- Office admins can share a board with any user assigned to their office.
- Members can share a board with other members who belong to the same enterprise and office.

 Next we have to look at the media group the user is assigned to. In order for a user to view any session in the platform, they must be assigned to the same media group that the session is assigned to.


Creating a Board:

To create a new board, hover over the plus sign, type the name of your board and click the Add button. Your board will appear in the list below. 

Next, navigate to the session that you want to add to your board. Hover over the Add to Board icon and choose the desired board from the drop-down list. Repeat this process until you have completed your board.

There are a few ways you can view and sort your boards:

- Board Name will sort your board alphabetically
- Creation Date will sort your boards by the date they were created, newest to oldest
- List view will display your boards in 3 vertical columns
- Title view will display your boards horizontally across the page. You can collapse and expand the boards in this view by clicking on the title.


Editing a Board:

If you need to make a change to your board after you have created it, click on the edit button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

 From here you will be able to change the name of your board, delete sessions from your board, and delete the board entirely.

 When you are done editing, click on the edit button again to close editing mode.


Sharing a Board:

To share a board simply click on the share button, switch to the Share tab, and type in the first name, last name, or email address of the user you want to share the board with. Choose the user from the drop-down list by clicking the check box next to their name and selecting the share button.

 If you switch back to the Shared With tab you will see the user you just shared the board with.

 Once a board is shared with a user, they will receive an email from the system alerting them that a new board has been shared with them. A link in the email will take them directly to the new board in the platform.


Search: A user can search for courses and session by typing in presenter names, tags, or course titles. A list with all related material will drop down from the search bar.


Notifications: You can send messages to individual users, offices, enterprises and media groups. This is a great tool to use if you want to alert your users to a new course, piece of media, or event. When a user has a notification there will be an alert on the bell icon. To learn more about notifications view the Sending Notifications article. 


Information Button: When a user first logs in to the platform, an informational overlay will appear. This will instruct the user on how to operate the platform. The overlay will not appear after the first time the user logs in, but they can access it by clicking on the "i" icon.


User Drop Down: Users can view their viewing history and access their user information by clicking on the drop down on their name.

Users have the ability to change their email address, name, password, and to upload a profile picture.


Course Menu: To access all available courses users have access to, they can click on the hamburger menu. This will display a drop down of courses in their platform. They can click on the courses to access their media.