Admin- Enrollments


Enrolling a user into a course will allow admins to send users reminder emails to log back in and complete the course. Enrolling users also gives admins more reporting data on their users (See Enrollment Reports). Users can be auto enrolled (See Account Settings), enroll themselves in a course (see Course Page), and can be enrolled by admins manually after they have already been added to the platform. The Enrollments Tab is used for the latter.

If users enroll themselves into a course, or are manually enrolled in a course, they will receive an enrollment email.

To manually enroll a user into a course, find the course in the left hand column of the page. You can search for the course by typing in the course title in the search field. A course has to be set a "enrollable" to be listed in this column. To learn how to make courses enrollable, read the Creating and Adding Media to Courses article.



Once you find your course, click on the "Show all users" button. This will display everyone who has access to this course on the right right hand side of the page.

Next choose the users you want to enroll into the course by checking off the box next to their name. You can select all user by checking the box next to the "Name" title.

You can also sort and filter users by enterprise, office, and media group using the filters drop down next to the search bar.

Click the red "Enroll" button to enroll all of your selected users into the course. An email will go out to your new enrolled users alerting them that they have been enrolled into the course.

*You can not un-enroll users once you have enrolled them into a course.

*The enrollments tab is specific to each admin. If admin A enrolls user A into course A, admin B will not see that user A is enrolled in course A until admin B enrolls user A into course A.

This article last reviewed June, 2016. The software may have changed since the last review.