Admin- Settings

Account Settings

Account settings control system wide aspects of your platform regardless of enterprise, office, or media group. Any time a change is made to this page, remember to click the red "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


Community Name:

This is the name of your platform. It will appear as the title of the browser tab.


Show New Content:

The toggle switch will turn on and off a section on the User Page of your site. It will appear below the "Featured" section and will display the 4 most recently uploaded session in your platform. If you have set courses in your platform, we recommend turning this feature off.



When the “Auto-enrollment” switch is turned on, it will give admins to the ability to automatically enroll users into specific courses when they are registered to the platform from any avenue (manually, registration form, integration). We recommend using this feature if you want to take advantage of the Course Status by Assignment reporting feature (See Enrollment Reports) or if you would like to send reminder emails to your users to login and complete a course (See Creating and Adding Media to Courses).

Turning this feature on will activate a new toggle on each enrollable course in your content library (See Creating and Adding Media to Courses). To view this feature, navigate to your content library in the Admin Content page and open a course to edit. Scroll down to see the new feature under the enrollment settings. This feature will only be available if the course is enrollable and the “Auto-enrollment” switch in the settings tab is turned on (shown in the image above).


Facebook Commenting

When the “Facebook Commenting” feature is set up, it will give admins the ability to add a comment section below any session in the platform. Turning this feature on will activate a new "Facebook commenting" toggle in each session of your content library. If the toggle is turned on users will be able to add their comments and see other user's comments below the session. This feature will not post comments on Facebook, only on Knowledgelink.

To activate this feature follow the instruction linked here. You can also find the instructions linked in your platform. After you have followed the steps outlined in instructional document, paste the Facebook app ID into the field.

To turn comment sections on for all session in your platform, click the "On" button below the "Facebook Commenting Default" section. To learn how to turn this feature on individually, see the Uploading and Editing a File article.


Help Button

By default a support button linked to our Knowledgebase will appear in the top right corner of the admin page (blue question mark icon). The Knowledgebase provides additional training and support for Knowledgelink admins. It can be turned off or customized to link to your own branded resources by clicking on the on/off toggle or pasting your own support link into the field respectively.


Category Naming

Throughout the platform we use the naming conventions courses and sessions.

Course: Any folder that houses media.

Session: Any piece of media

If you have different terminology, you can type it in the fields and the system will replace the verbiage system wide. When typing in new terminology, do not pluralize. Ex. Use "Video" not "Videos".


Any time a change is made to this page, remember to click the red "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.